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Spandex the Audio Musical


The audio phenomenon, led by serialized podcasts, has swept the nation.  Less common is the original audio musical--a full Broadway show told through the ears, not eyes.


To make the conversion, the creative team spent months adapting the language, and translating each setting and stage direction to soundscape.  Sneaker squeaks, steaming showers, slamming lockers, and even a few spandex-clad butt slaps, will guide the listener on Lorraine's journey from haunted gymnast to a Crystal Light finalist on the brink of greatness.

Tony Award-Winning Sound designer Kai Harada leads the team that will flex their storytelling muscles to make a thrilling, moving, and above-all elastic experience for the ears.

"I don’t think audio musicals are just something that will help get us through this pandemic.  I think they are about to become a big force in the musical theatre world."  Daniel F. Levin-  Writer

"We'd love this message to stretch around the world, like one big happy family!"  Liz Piccoli-Director

MMSound Design Team
Controlling the Music
Kai Harada-Final Mix
Josh Millican- Sound Editor and
Recording Engineer-Dialogue
Bella Curry- SFX and Foley
Sou    Music Team
Josh F. Headshot.JPG
IMG_6981 (55 of 226).jpeg
Micah Joel- Music Director
and Music Recording Engineer
Josh Freilich- Orchestrations
Sims Lamason- Associate MD
Production Team
DDM Productions
Executive Producer-
Michael Mills
Hillel Friedman- GM
Evan Bernardin Productions
Associate Producer
Sarah Ashmore Bradley
Production Coordinator/SM
Jenna Lazar
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