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Spandex Off-Broadway


Lorraine Stubenski leads her Aerobic Class- What does she do?  She BURNS it!


Dov and Lorraine-

On Top of the World-  Take my hand Princess....there is your castle!


I Could Get Used to Dees-  This is a safe place...

Really great!… funny, and the music was super catchy…Well put together.
— Robert Lopez (“Avenue Q” and “Book of Mormon”)

A gut-buster about gut-blasting, its infectious music and a fabulous cast make Spandex a good-time musical that delivers just that… 

–Joseph Samuel Wright, “Theater is Easy”

Spandex Times Square Flash Mob


“Mixed in with the exercise routines, camp, and spandex-laced costumes is actually a poignant heartfelt story of two women who find the strength to better themselves.
— Adam Rothenberg, “Call Me Adam”

“Writers Daniel F. Levin and Annie Grunow have skillfully crafted a mix of seemingly heavy themes that blend into terrifically entertaining story-telling…This joyous production directed and choreographed by Liz Piccoli, 

uncannily captures the time and spirit of the era. 

-- John Townsend, Lavender Magazine

Spandex in Minneapolis

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